Pro Football Hall of Fame 2014…Saturday, August 2nd (1st and 60)


Join Sunny Cadwallader and Russell S. Baxter, founders of Cad Chica Sports and Pro Football Guru, respectively, for 1st and 60 on Google+. It is "hour" take on the NFL. The destination is Canton, Ohio, where we will be in town to celebrate the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2014.


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Join us at TD’s Tailgate Grill (2234 W. Tuscarawas Street, Canton, Ohio 44708), on Saturday, August 2nd as we present 1st and 60 LIVE starting at Noon. Our thanks to Scott Shapiro for hosting our show and we hope you stop by TD’s Tailgate Grill that day and always.

Our show will feature guests such as Pro Football Guru’s “Draft Nick” as in Nick Paulenich. Liz Panucci, Dayna O’Gorman, Sonja Greenfield, Michelle Jinks, Virlisa Lane and Kate Arhar, all from NFL Female, will be stopping by. We will get a chance to speak with Melissa Mahler, who runs Pro Player Insiders.

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We will have other guests as well and will be selling and giving away t-shirts.

Join us at TD’s Tailgate Grill on Saturday, August 2nd, starting at Noon as we take our show on the road.