The 18th team in this 32-part series for Yahoo! SportsHow 'bout them Cowboys?Well, what about them?In 2009, Jerry Jones' pride and joy captured the NFC East and, in the process, posted a playoff win for the first time since 1996 in the process.Well, so much for building on that success. The last three seasons, the Dallas Cowboys are a combined 22-26 and haven't posted a winning season in any of those instances. The last two years has seen the team finish 8-8. And in both instances, the team had an opportunity to win a division title on the final Sunday of the season.But onto 2013, and here we will take a look at five players who could be critical to the team's success this upcoming season. While in some cases the obvious will be stated, in other instances the focus will be on a newcomer to the team or a performer looking to rebound from a disappointing year. So here are five players to keep an eye on this season when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys: