Special to TheFootballGirl.comThe National Football League’s 93-year history is rich with numbers. And those statistics are what making covering the game so much fun. One of the numbers you will hear this week is 78, as in the 78th edition of the NFL Draft, which dates back to 1936 (no, I wasn’t there).But what I do offer is ten little pieces of info that you can think about when you’re either watching or attending the proceedings from April 25th-27th.First Things First: Dating back to the start of the Common Draft Era in 1967 (when both the NFL and AFL teams participated in the same draft although the teams wouldn’t merger on the field until 1970), there have been 20 quarterbacks taken with the first overall pick, including each of the last four years dating back to 2009. That’s followed by defensive linemen (12), running backs (7), tackles (3), wide receivers and linebackers (2 each)…http://thefootballgirl.com/news-and-features/melissas-blog/2013/apr/2013-nfl-draft-ten-compelling-factoids.html