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Let’s go shopping.

However, it is buyer beware at this time of the year when talking NFL free agency. That is hardly a knock on the quality of players getting ready to possibly be made available.

That’s because that doggie in the window may not be there when the 2014 fiscal season begins in less than two months.

So here’s a look at each of the 32 teams’ current salary cap situation, as well as some speculation as to who each club will choose to bring back or try to sign from another team. We’ll also dabble a little into team philosophy as well.

We are listing the number of potential unrestricted free agents and some of the key players that could hit the market for each team on March 11. Cap figures on each slide (as of February 21) are for 2014 and also include the rollover from 2013.

As usual, kudos to (subscription required) for their assistance when it comes to the salary cap information and potential free agents for each of the 32 teams.