Want to read the entire piece? Check out the link on Bleacher Report.Free agency in any sport will always be prefaced by the warning label “buyer beware.”So here are literally a handful (five fingers per se) of NFL free agent additions in 2013 that to date have not lived up to their end of the bargain (if they were a bargain) with their new teams. And the emphasis is on “to date” in a few instances.Keep in mind that as far as the hype goes, these players aren’t promoting themselves. They were either higher than anticipated draft choices early in their careers or performers who teased us with a standout performance or two along the way.Some of these players may also be a solid pro who wore out his welcome with his previous employer. Or it may be a case of a player getting a contract this offseason that some feel was a bit too rich.There are also a lot of other things to take into account, including injuries and other causes for unavailability.As always, thanks to the fine folks at Spotrac (subscription required) for all of their financial details.