Keep an eye on Twitter (BaxFootballGuru) as we find an unconventional way to count down to the days leading up the NFL Draft.No. of days ’til NFL Draft is 13Was RB Franco Harris (Steelers in '72) the best No. 13 pick ever? TEs K. Winslow I, K. Jackson & Gonzalez?
No. of turnovers by Giants in 2008. But G-Men have given up the ball 73 times last 2 seasons (42 in '10).
No. of days 'til NFL Draft is 13. No. of wins by Falcons in '10, best in NFC and only 6th time they won 10-plus games in 45 seasons
No. of TD passes allowed by Saints in '10, best in league. But Cajuns also had NFL-low 9 INTs.