Happy Memorial Day weekend from BleacherReport.comIn the 93-year history of the National Football League, the game, its teams and its players have evolved.While tradition is certainly cherished, change is only natural.So when asked how the league would look should there be another realignment, it was time to go for broke.Hence, what you see ahead of you is the NFL of the future. It’s also a league that could include an 18-game regular-season schedule sooner than later.So taking into account some geography, a little rivalry and perhaps a bit of insanity, here’s the new-look NFL. While we are aware of certain bylaws that insist certain teams remain together, we’ve opted to bypass those bylaws.However, we were careful to reference the league’s past. In 1967, the National Football League was first divided into four divisions: Capital, Century, Coastal and Central. Three years later and with the merger on the field, the NFL was divided into two conferences (AFC and NFC) with six divisions, a format that held until the current eight-division alignment that began in 2002.Hence, with a lot of rhyme and reason, here’s an idea of what a revised NFL could actually look like...http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1643747-how-we-would-re-align-the-nfl-divisions