The fifth member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2013. Check out ProPlayerInsiders.comI have spent the last few weeks previewing the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2013, outlining their accomplishments and achievements and the paths they took to greatness.I am taking a different approach when it comes to Coach Bill Parcells. This will be a little personal.Make that a lot personal.My first encounter of sorts with the coach came at Pace University in New York and the training camp of the New York Giants in 1986. That would be the year that Parcells led the team to the first of two Super Bowl titles in five years.I was there as a writer and a reporter asked Coach a question about the Atlanta Falcons, who the Giants would be practicing with and later playing in a preseason game. The reporters asked, “what does this game with the Falcons mean?”Parcells answered very definitively. “If we win, you guys will write that it’s just a preseason game. If we lose, you’ll write ‘what’s wrong with the Giants?”I knew right then I liked this man. Ten years later, I finally got the opportunity to meet him. While in my days with ESPN and at Super Bowl XXXI, I got the chance to tag along with my friend Tom Jackson for a one-on-one interview with Coach Parcells. To be candid, I practically begged Tommy to take me with him.