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Who knew being last could be so much fun?

Dating back almost four decades, there has been a week’s worth of celebration when it comes to the final pick in the NFL draft each year, dubbed “Mr. Irrelevant.” As part of the's 'Irrelevant Week,' there's a parade for the young man, he gets to go to Disneyland and even gets his own trophy, the Lowsman Trophy (a parody of the Heisman that displays a player fumbling the ball).

This year’s “winner” is University of Memphis free safety Lonnie Ballentine, taken by the Houston Texans with the 256th selection Saturday evening in New York City.

The first official Mr. Irrelevant was wide receiver Kelvin Kirk, who the Pittsburgh Steelers took with the 487th selection in 1976. That was the first year for the expansion Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Seattle Seahawks and the last year of the 17-round draft.

So here’s a look at Ballentine, as well as some of the more memorable Mr. Irrevelants over the years.

And it includes one story that you will have a hard time ever forgetting.