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Here’s a tip of the cap to the…cap

As first reported by Adam Schefter of ESPN, the NFL’s salary cap in 2014 is projected to be at $130 million, up approximately $7 million from a year ago. That means a lot of good things for a lot of players and especially for teams like the Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers. According to Spotrac (subscription required), those two teams still need to make some decisions to even get under the elevated cap.

Back to the players, who hope to cash in this offseason being some clubs will have a little more moola at their disposal.  Still, teams will look to make the most of their money and hence, the idea here is to project a little bargain-hunting.

What constitutes a bargain? A player that has not lived up to expectations who looks to start over elsewhere or perhaps a veteran who has made his money but can still help a team in his latter NFL years.