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Just over two weeks after it began, the free-agency market has slowed to a crawl.

It’s not like we didn’t see a lot action. Well over 100 players have joined new teams since the start of the 2014 NFL fiscal year on March 11.

So what have been the top 10 moves to date over the last 16 days of activity? Here are our rankings when it comes to those moves, one of which was made less than 24 hours ago.

These ratings don’t include trades. And with the bevy of activity we have seen, pairing the list down to 10 wasn’t necessarily easy. As usual, these kinds of pieces remain subjective.

That’s fine with us as long as the subject is the game of football. As far as the rankings’ criteria, they should be quite familiar. Combine value and team need with experience and production, and here’s a 10 that even Bo Derek would be impressed with.

As usual, free-agency and salary-cap information, as well as contract terms, come courtesy of Spotrac (subscription required) and some statistical support from Pro Football Focus (subscription required).