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Be it through free agency and/or the draft, all 32 NFL teams did their best this offseason to upgrade their rosters with the ultimate goal of getting to (and winning) Super Bowl XLIX.

Still, it never hurts to have a little insurance.

Hence, we will take a look at eight unrestricted free agents who have yet to be scooped up by a team and give our thoughts on where they could wind up in the next few months. On the back end, we point out seven other players released by their teams this offseason and possible destinations for them as well.

Why these 15 players? For some by name only, the reasons are obvious. Still, we have focused on these individuals not only based on their recent body of work but their career as well. Hence you won't find many four-year veterans on this list. Instead, we point out some successful and productive pros that have been around the block, earned their share of Pro Bowl accolades or salary-cap casualties that still have plenty of years remaining in the league.

Could one of these performers wind up earning a starting job with a team and eventually help make the difference between a playoff appearance and a long offseason?

Time will tell…soon.