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To a point, we are all in the prognostication business. Making predictions and looking back to see if we nailed it can be satisfying…and excruciating.

With that in mind, here’s a look at nine different positions and the players who look to become bigger names in the NFL in 2014.

To further emphasize the term breakout, we are talking about players who have yet to earn a Pro Bowl invitation and are only household names around their own neighborhoods.

Obviously, the list includes its share of second-year pros coming off very-respectable rookie seasons. But we have also included a few players who have toiled in the league for a few years and could be on the verge of bigger and better things. Besides our main choice we will also include a few other candidates that we deem are “in the discussion.”

Hopefully, a review in January shows that a good number of these performers will live up to our billing this upcoming season. Of course, that’s a mere nine months from now.

But as Tom Petty once stated, “The waiting is the hardest part.”