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Before making any claims here, let’s get right to the disclaimer.

The date is March 18 and the NFL’s 95th season doesn’t kick off until Sept. 11.

Still, in this 24/7 world of constant prognostication when it comes to every sport, why not doing a little chumming and throw out some early bits and pieces when it comes to who’s going to be good and who’s not?

Welcome to a very early edition of power rankings as we pull roll call from anticipated worst to potential best in 2014.

Submitted for your convenience are the latest NFL depth charts courtesy of Ourlads, who do a great job keeping everyone updated on a daily basis.

On a personal note, I want to point out that I was too busy writing this piece to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on Monday.

That’s just in case you’re questioning my thought process when it comes to these rankings.