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Okay, let’s get the disclaimer out of the way first.

We are not making a prediction for Super Bowl XLIX, which will be played in Glendale, Arizona.

Here is the premise. This past season, the Seattle Seahawks became the 19th of the current 32 franchises in the league to win at least one Super Bowl. That means 13 teams have yet to hoist a Lombardi Trophy.

So the idea here is that for our purposes, the 2014 NFL season will once again feature a brand new Super Bowl champion.

It’s not that far-fetched of a scenario. The first 31 Super Bowls were won by only a dozen different clubs. The last 17 league titles have seen first-time winners such as the Denver Broncos, St. Louis Rams, Baltimore Ravens, New England Patriots, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New Orleans Saints and the aforementioned Seahawks.

Remember, we are taking strictly the Super Bowl era here. We are aware the franchises such as the Philadelphia Eagles, Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions and Arizona Cardinals are past NFL champions. This is strictly an example of the popular concept of “what if?”

So in terms of this piece, it will be a 20th different team that captures Super Bowl XLIX. And here’s how we rank each club’s chances this upcoming season from least to best.