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This Saturday evening in Canton, Ohio (August 2), the Pro Football Hall of Fame welcomes its 52nd class, bringing the total count of members in the Hall at 287. One night later, the NFL preseason kicks off with the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game featuring the Buffalo Bills and New York Giants.

To say one class is “worse” than another makes no sense when it comes to this prestigious honor. But here’s an attempt to put a little perspective in terms of the impact of these classes, a feat that makes for a fun stroll down memory lane as we honor the game’s greatest players and contributors along the way.

What were the criteria in terms of ranking? In terms of the players, a combination of sustained excellence on the field and impact on the game were the major factors. As for the coaches and contributors, we leaned toward championships and innovation. Take all those components and you make for 52 very difficult decisions.

And if you are looking for more information about the 287 enshrinees, here’s a shout out to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, its staff and its website. They make it easy for writers like me to enjoy the history of this game even more due in large part to their dedication and hard work.

Congratulations to the Class of 2014. Where do you think that groups ranks among the 52 entries on this prestigious list?

Enjoy yourself and take the time to soak in the memories.