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There is less than one month remaining until we see the New York Giants and Buffalo Bills square off in the 2014 Hall of Fame Game.

That’s the start of the preseason. Here, we will concentrate on just getting real.

The 2014 NFL regular-season kicks off on Thursday night, Sept. 4 when the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks hosts the Green Bay Packers. It’s the first of 256 contests that will help decide who will be playing in Super Bowl XLIX.

So let’s take a look at all of those 256 contests with a breakdown of sorts of each team’s schedule in 2014. Thanks to an assist, the rankings are from the easiest to the most difficult based on the combined 2013 winning percentage of their 2014 opponents.

It’s worth noting that there is certainly an element of luck when it comes to the numbers. Opponents for each team are set up years in advance and only two of a team’s 16 games each year are determined by how they finish the previous season.

To try and predict win-loss records simply based on schedule strength is somewhat difficult, especially in early July when there is so much more that can still happen with each team.

But we will try and point to some interesting facts when it comes to each team’s 16-game slate (which is included on each page courtesy of And we will leave the prognostications for others who may be more qualified.