Courtesy of Bleacher Report. Check out the entire piece on this link.

Report cards for summer school? Why not? So here we will take some time and evaluate what the NFL’s 65 preseason contests inevitably taught us about all 32 teams.

While reading too much into preseason statistics and a team’s win-loss record is ill-advised, those numbers will be somewhat taken into account here.

Yes, we know the story of the 2008 Detroit Lions, who finished the summer at 4-0. They didn’t win a regular-season game in 16 tries.

Still, it is worth noting that only one time in 47 years has a club gone winless in the preseason and gone on to win the Super Bowl that same season. That would be the 1982 Washington Redskins, who captured a title with a victory in Super Bowl XVII.

A little food for thought for both the Atlanta Falcons and Pittsburgh Steelers, both which finished this preseason 0-4 this summer.