SportsTradex Week 14 Review (Special for Pro Football Guru)By Ben LipsonWeek 14 provided plenty of excitement and the SportsTradex prediction market offered lots of interesting information.  Two games with big playoff implications, Cowboys-Bengals and Ravens-Redskins, came down to the wire with exciting come from behind victories for the Cowboys and Redskins.  The NFC East teams were 4-0 with the division very much up in the air.The Redskins won the “Battle of the Beltway” in overtime after a game tying TD and 2-point conversion at the end of regulation forced the extra period.  The SportsTradex prediction market gave the Redskins a 30 percent chance of winning the game at the start of that final drive in the 4th quarter, showing a lot of confidence in RGII and the ‘Skins.  Last week, SportsTradex predicted a 30 percent probability for Russell Wilson and the Seahawks to complete a 97-yard  TD drive versus the Bears.  This year’s rookie QB class has performed extraordinarily well and their ability to execute in the clutch is recognized by the SportsTradex prediction market.  Andrew Luck orchestrated a come-from-behind drive for the Colts as well—his 6th such drive of the year.The Cowboys also need a couple of clutch drives at the end of the game to ultimately beat the Bengals in Cincinnati.  On the final drive, the Cowboys had a 1st and 10 at the Bengals’ 35-yard line.  At that point, the game-winning field goal would have been from 52 yards away for kicker Dan Bailey.  SportsTradex gave Dallas a 46 percent chance, even though the team was in FG range, of getting at least 3 points.  On the next three plays, however, DeMarco Murray picked up 12 valuable yards.  The Cowboys saw their probability of winning increase to 80 percent, according to SportsTradex.  The 12 extra yards increased the Cowboys’ chances of winning by 34 percent.  From 40 yards, Dan Bailey who has made 88 percent of his career FGs was being given an 80 percent likelihood of winning the game with his leg.SportsTradex runs weekly prediction contests for users at  The Steelers-Cowboys game is one of the featured SportsTradex match ups for Week 15.