Super Bowl XLIX Predictions (Twitter and Facebook Followers)

We’ll keep it simple here. Here’s a look at submitted predictions for Super Bowl XLIX, both teams and the winner. Enjoy…


@BaxFootballGuru: Broncos over Eagles

@JohnKincade: Saints over Patriots

@ohays119: Seahawks over Broncos, 27-14

@daverichard: Patriots over 49ers

‏@Licensed2Bill: Packers over Ravens, 31-21

@BillEnright: Broncos over Packers, 34-23

@SportScream: Seahawks over Chargers

@Drakebudasz: Broncos over Saints

@TylerBelawske: Colts over Packers

@NAF_TSCRN: Seahawks over Broncos

@TMurph207: Patriots over Cardinals

@mboie: Bills over Packers, 49-21

@mikewood: Saints over Broncos, 38-27

@jasonbelanger47: Patriots over Seahawks, 38-30

@chucku24: Packers over Colts, 33-27

@Stlrfan1971: Steelers over Bears

@J3ffCooP: 49ers over Patriots

@hopeman1969: Steelers over Rams, 31-23

@JChergi: Saints over Bengals, 29-24

@BGemmel: Broncos over Saints, 34-27

@Chuck_Kelly13: Eagles over Broncos, 27-20

‏@CCguyNKauf: Patriots over Seahawks

@TheProBeest: Patriots over 49ers, 24-21

@FunnyMikeyD: Giants over Broncos, 32-29

@gmm71: Packers over Colts, 31-23

@ecstasyctp: Raiders over Bears

‏@Bobzilla1001: Seahawks over Bengals

‏@Johnathan_Wood1: Seahawks over Patriots

@The_SNFF: Colts over Seahawks

@ArchieMoses24: Broncos over Saints

@ImagydFootball: Patriots over Seahawks

@thefofo: Patriots over Saints

@YumaCactus: Cowboys over Chargers

@sportspeaker1: Broncos over 49ers

@Dboyz62: Cowboys over Broncos, 52-17

@BobtheStatMan: Patriots over 49ers

@RoundnRound3: Panthers over Patriots

@shirleycheesem1: Patriots over Seahawks

@MistaYMM: Broncos over Seahawks

@RyNoonan: Patriots over Packers

‏@PhantomParker_ : Broncos over Packers

@RealMikeC49: Colts over Packers

@NFLPanthersSB: Colts over Packers

@7ttGypsy: Ravens over Packers

@PatriotsFans1: Patriots over Seahawks, 24-17

‏@RoisinDubh27: 49ers over Broncos, 31-21

@SportScream: Seahawks over Chargers, 31-16

@PguyPodcast: Seahawks over Patriots, 24-19

@Peytonrawls: Eagles over Broncos, 34-27

@DArm91: Saints over Patriots

@KelliPatrice16: Patriots over Cardinals

@manicholasii: Broncos over Eagles, 37-14


Jay Stoyan: Seahawks over Patriots

Andrew “Fish” Fain: Rams over Bengals

Bernard Mayo: Patriots over Eagles, 27-21

Scott King: Saints over Colts

Jason Cloutier: Patriots over Saints, 27-24

John Horcajo: Chiefs over Bears


Michael Taylor: Broncos over Packers