Super Bowl XLVII Game Predictions to asked followers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus to send in their score for Super Bowl XLVII and their choice for the game’s Most Valuable Player…@Twitter@BaxFootballGuru: 49ers 28, Ravens 26. 49ers RB Frank Gore MVP‏@KASHISMONEY: Ravens 27-24 joe flacco for MVP‏@REllzey: Kaepernick will get a big dose of the Ravens D. Joe cool will have a solid game. Ravens 24, 49ers 21‏@ODoyle_Rulez: Ravens 24, 49ers 23...MVP is Joe Flacco‏@JayGoGetter: 49ers 28 -14 Carlos Rodgers MVP 1int TD‏@JBTWEETNOTHINGS: Going against my heart here & saying Ravens over 49ers 27-17. MVP will be Joe Flacco. Still rooting for the Niners.@coltpsychotic: Ravens 24-17 MVP has to be R. Lewis@Toorima99: 24-7 49ers. Let's go outta off the wall for mvp. Vernon Davis.@chucku24: joe flacco mvp. 31-24 Ravens‏@fsportsgod105: #49ers 30 #Ravens 24 #MVP Kaepernick‏@skinrockflair: Will go with Niners. 34-31 Kaepernick MVP.‏@J_Villa75: 49ers 31-28 kaepernick‏@JuiceKovacs: 49ers 34-28....Teddy Ginn MVP‏@_redFOG_  : #49ers 38 Ravens 17 #SB47 #MVP @Kaepernick7‏@brucehallsports:  San Francisco 27-20, Patrick Willis MVP.‏@NinerFanWG: Niners 31 Ravens 20 CK7 gets MVP, even though people say Randy should after catching 2 TDs@FacebookRyan Klein: Ravens 35 - 49ers 30, cool FlaccoCraig Langston: Ravens 13 - 49ers 43 ... MVP KaepernickMichael Mack: Ravens 27 49ers 23 Ray Rice MVPJames Healy: @craig i agree Niners quick speedy offense will expose the Ravens ``old`` defense NINERS win 52-17 mvp CK#7!!!!Michael Foster:  San Francisco 28-24. Kaepernick MVPTwan Staley: 28-24 Ravens Ray Rice MVPJosh Murphy: 31-14 Ravens Joe FlaccoVincent Lombardi: Niners 31-20 Gore MVP 136 on the ground and 2TD'sMike D'Amico: 49ers 20 Ravens 17 - MVP Vernon DavisDave Rippeto 24-17 Ravens. Torrey Smith MVP.Jill Salmon Ravens 31-17 MVP Anquan BoldinDan Wolf: Niners, 45-13. Kaepernick destroys and wins MVP.Roger Jackson: 49ers win 27-24. MVP Vernon Davis.Jeannie Murray Bein: 49ers 45 - 14 MVP Kaepernick!Erik Peterson: 49ers win because I picked them before season. They win 27-23 on a late fumble return for a TD by Patrick Willis. Joe Flacco gets MVP in a losing effort throws for 350 yards but key turnovers do Ravens in. Ray Lewis has 7 tackles and sacks Colin Kaepernick who looks jittery early but comes on later in the game!Bill Field: Ravens 24-21. Late Ray Rice TD. Rice MVPJames Hunt: 31-10 Niners, Kaepernick MVPPete Howey: Ravens 38 49ers 21......Flacco MVPKen Adamson: Ravens 20-13 ray rice MVPPaul Michaels: 28 to 17 San Fran. MVP? Going against the grain and saying LeMichael James. A long TD off a screen and a 90 yard kick return for a TD@LinkedInRobert Hyldburg (Photographer for the NFL) wrote: “San Fran wins 38-30 with Colin Kaepernick winning the MVP."