Super Bowl XLVIII Predictions (Twitter and Facebook Followers)

We’ll keep it simple here. Here’s a look at submitted predictions for Super Bowl XLVIII, both teams and the winner. Enjoy…


@BaxFootballGuru: Cincinnati Bengals over Seattle Seahawks

@JohnKincade: Green Bay over Houston

‏@JKLUTE1: Falcons 17, Texans 14 in a steady snow storm in OT

@AndrewKurpis: Seahawks over Steelers

@tdswg: Denver over Green Bay - repeat of SBXXXII

@McLuvPhin: Miami over Seattle

@IgnacioCoto: Green Bay over KC

@Matthew_Atienza: Packers vs. Broncos, Packers win 28-24

‏@wwsuplex: Atlanta over Houston

@nflfanscomx: seattle seahawks over denver broncos

@KaranAlonso1: Saints over Broncos

‏@oshuaj: Broncos over 49ers

‏@balding_pastor: Green Bay over Denver

‏@zdh0922: Winner: Patriots. Loser: Falcons

@Sports_Infusion: N.Y. Giants over Denver Broncos

@gmm71: Broncos over the Saints

@MrChavez_2U: Broncos over Seahawks

@WillTruby: Falcons 29 Broncos 24

@SteveOReilly: Broncos 35 - Falcons 24

@JDittyDGAF: Texans over Seahawks

@packersinsider: Green Bay over Denver

@sportsbombco: Denver over San Francisco

@fitdaddy_78: Winner: Green Bay Packers. Loser: Denver Broncos

@steveb0224: Atlanta 27, Denver 24

@yogibomb: Packers over Bengals

@pschwepp: Denver Broncos 31, Seattle Seahawks 27

‏@StlCtyRoller : Pittsburgh Steelers defeat the San Francisco 49ers

@SyntaxAgility: Saints over Bengals.

‏@49ersInYoPocket: 49es over Bengals

‏@BeastMo54: Super Bowl champs: Seahawks, losers: Broncos

‏@Seth_Austin: Broncos over Cowboys

@indydadof3: Colts over Seahawks

@Trestmanstache: Seattle over Denver

@DbacksPackers31: Packers over the Steelers

@bmarleylives: Seahawks winner. Ravens loser

@bulltexan: Texans over the Giants

@Oats84: Broncos over Seahawks, 30-17

@Sevenf0reve7: Panthers over Chargers

@OvertimeIreland: Packers over Colts

@raskaipo: Broncos over Washington

@saltydawg_55: Denver over Seattle

@ncjks: Bengals over the Cowboys

‏@ThisIsDAM: Packers over Denver

‏@CaroPerrotta1: Saints over Broncos

‏@Judetruth: Jets over Giants

‏@DolfanNeil: Miami over Green Bay

‏@footballman58: Ravens over 49ers

‏@anitajag: Denver over Seattle

@aksports: Broncos 34, Seahawks 27

@7bronco7: Broncos 31, 49ers 10

@BroncosDefender: Denver over Green Bay, 31-24

@jbott32: Broncos 55, Niners 10

@Broncos_Trivia: Denver over Washington, 35-34

@j32jam: Denver Broncos over Seattle Seahawks

@MasterCalavera: Patriots 24, 49ers 21

‏@Julio511_LGND: 49ers 27, Broncos 3

‏@StlCtyRoller: Steelers over 49ers

@FantasyCentaur: Patriots over Rams 35-20

@jstar1973: NY Giants over Broncos

@15stephen15: Green Bay over Cleveland

@Bigsmooth208: Denver 27, San Francisco 23

@websterwarrior: Falcons over Broncos, 31-28

‏@uberravensfan: Broncos over the Packers, 28-21

‏@ColtsAuth_Jason: Denver over Seattle

@RomanEmp1re: PIT 27- G.B. 21

‏@PickEmPops: Broncos over Bears 23-20

‏@nightowlsinc: Seattle over Denver

‏@RavensMafia: Ravens over Falcons

‏@John6abc: Packers over Texans

‏@therealniko: Broncos 38, Falcons 24

@rickjames405: Atlanta over Houston

@RobbPascoe: Atlanta over Houston, 28-26

@MagicMikeXpert: Houston Texans over San Francisco 49ers

@6SBSteelers: Steelers over Seattle again

‏@bsweigart1999: Ravens over the Seahawks

‏@JFarmerUTSN: Vikings 24, Broncos 20

‏@CeltsAsBroncos: Broncos 37, Packers 31

@mz_rocko: Broncos over Seahawks

@NOLADuchess: Saints over Broncos

‏@PDWonderland: Denver Broncos over the Atlanta Falcons

@thorp84: Dallas over Miami, 24-21

@Big_G_09: Giants over Colts

@wwe_fan_page86: Vikings over Browns

‏@SportsTakeover: Denver over Atlanta

‏@KaranAlonso1: Saints over Broncos

‏@ThisIsDAM: Packers will beat the Broncos

@saintcool13: Seahawks over Bengals

‏@JPGonzalezCalvo: Texans over Seahawks

@TheEightFour: Falcons over Broncos

@Piratesfan50: San Francisco vs. Denver

@mikensaid: Atlanta Falcons over Denver Broncos

@1realCowboyFan: Dallas over Denver

‏@Bravesoul79: 49ers over Broncos

‏@MMarchant96: 49ers will beat Denver

‏@brucehallsports: San Francisco 49ers over Denver Broncos.

‏@lilbravesfan22: 49ers over broncos

‏@TheZompster: eagles over broncos

‏@chrispannell68: saints over broncos

‏@GaryFrickin: Raiders over Seahawks, 24-21

‏@MrChavez_2U: broncos over seahawks

@MaselliMike: Giants 27 over Broncos 24

@TheSithLordofWY: Chargers over the Seahawks

@KevinFleener: Broncos over Falcons

@bmarleylives: Ravens over Seahawks

@sportsguy48: Cowboys 30, Broncos 24

@BIGJOEONTHEGO: Green Bay 34, Denver 27

‏@6SBSteelers: Steelers over Seattle

‏@Aperanio827: Kansas City 21, San Francisco 20

@BroncoJoe19: Broncos over Niners

‏@kentonwong: 49ers over Broncos

‏@RSchorsch: Falcons over Broncos

@milchm86: Steelers over Seahawks

‏@ImagydSports: Seahawks over Patriots

@ThaFootballGuru: Broncos over Seahawks

@tdswg: Denver over NY Giants - Manning Bowl

‏@ricky_the_tiger: Saints 35, Texans 24

‏@LiftBrah: San Francisco 34, New England 27

‏@SportsDoneMyWay: Broncos, 34-24, over the Falcons

‏@Djh7856: San Francisco over Denver

@StillersFanInFL: Steelers over Vikings

@Mspriss10: Broncos over Seahawks

‏@GrumpyDonHutson: Packers 34, Texans 10

‏@DevereauxFrazie: 49ers over Patriots

‏@marketingQB: 49ers over Chiefs

‏@pt4207: Falcons 31, Texans 24

‏@Chillis_Chillis: Patriots over Giants

@Spanky6973: Seahawks over Bengals

@jwjolley20: Broncos over Lions

@patronaut0709: Broncos beat the Seahawks

@TheShawBaby: Patriots beat Packers

@Texan_maniac: Texans over Falcons, 21-20

‏@JayARoss: 49ers over Broncos, 28-24

‏@therealmarklane: Broncos over Falcons

‏@fastballtracy: Houston Texans 28, Seattle Seahawks 20

‏@FriscoGiant49: 49ers 24, Bengals 17

‏@kibiloski: New England 24, Washington 23

@sergvarg: Cowboys 37, Broncos 21

‏@LundgaardK: Patriots over Niners

‏@pdaley667: Patriots over Cowboys

‏@KeshisCuties: Cowboys over Texans

@206fts: Seahawks 27, Broncos 24

‏@rogfalcon: Atlanta over Denver

@eaglescentral: Green Bay over Cincinnati

@randyfan2188: Cowboys over Patriots

@MattyOnHoops: Detroit Lions over Denver Broncos

@Iball94: Broncos over Seahawks

‏@ShaneMiller27: Bengals 24, 49ers 17

@DGoodmantrublu: Giants over Broncos

‏@wingnprayer: Cowboys 28, Bengals 27

‏@KevinFleener: Broncos 27, 49ers 21

‏@David_Spellman: San Francisco over Denver

‏@KingOfPlanetX: Ravens defeat Seahawks, 32-26

‏@Flores98Melmark: Houston Texans over Washington Redskins

‏@swankness: Patriots over 49ers

‏@Found_ItOn_EBai: Seahawks over the Broncos

‏@Foxboro1776: Washington Redskins 20, New England Patriots 19

‏@pfac51: Steelers over Falcons

‏@63GBPackerfan: Packers over the Broncos, 35-10

‏@CleSoldier2011: 49ers over Broncos

‏@MySportsUpdate: Falcons over Texans

‏@AtlantaMan88: Atlanta Falcons over the Denver Broncos

‏@CasaresCR: Patriots over Falcons

‏@EliasMizrachi24: 49ers over broncos

@jd2b1999: Patriots over Vikings

@MilesGarrett_21: Falcons over Broncos

@DirtyDan003: Seahawks over Broncos

@MikeABaltz: 49ers 27, Broncos 24

‏@NuggsSportTalk: Broncos over Packers

‏@snico053: Denver over Atlanta

@CEO4SHO: Houston over Green Bay

@JeffNathans: Green Bay over Denver

‏@BeerMugSports: Broncos over the 49ers

‏@Kweston83: Packers 27, Texans 20

‏@RobinCather: Patriots over Seahawks

@CoreyNYJets: Falcons 27, Bengals 23

‏@TheTitanXII Seahawks 23, Broncos 17

‏@sportsjunkie56: Broncos over Falcons, 31-27

‏@SystemOfATuchdn: Bears 30, Texans 22

‏@dantheciderman: Packers 33, Broncos 28

@elo_bajo: Giants over Colts

@PatriotsNationn: Patriots 35, 49ers 32

@LizardoDelMundo: Chargers over Redskins

@walum1: Packers 35, Broncos 31

‏@SonsOfSundance: Atlanta Falcons 31, Denver Broncos 27

‏@jcluts41: Atlanta over Denver

‏@bprunsportsmenm: Falcons over Texans

@StanleyBaum: Niners will beat the Patriots

‏@Texaswayz713: Texans over Redskins, 27-21

‏@Michael28Pugh: Bengals over 49ers

‏@crefan7860 : Green Bay 35, Denver 21

@VojirEsposito: Seahawks over Broncos

‏@msfrancisco: Packers over Broncos

‏@TRobMacho: Saints beat Texans

‏@Tdreamy14: 49ers 28, Broncos 24

‏@Ccoryyxp: Patriots over Falcons

@curly517: Giants over Broncos

@cheffyglenn: Steelers over Seahawks

@JohnnyObeid: Redskins over Broncos

‏@LifelongBronco: Broncos over Saints

‏@clintroush: Denver 31, Green Bay 30

@Fan_of_Messi: Texans over Seahawks

‏@HoustonCrawford: Bengals 27, Falcons 21

@nickelduque: Seahawks 17, Bengals 12

‏@seahawks12girl: Seahawks over Broncos

‏@GmKeith3908: Steelers 24, 49ers 21

‏@michaelpfreeman: Packers 34, Patriots 30

‏@ChrisRagan: Texans over 49ers, 34-28

@IrishMik: San Francisco over Denver, 27-17

@WagerNfl: Falcons over Broncos

@1TNT21 4m: Broncos over Saints

@thetold_truth: Texans 34, Falcons 24

‏@PguyPodcast: Seattle 27, Cincinnati 10

‏@PrimetimeReg: Cowboys over Broncos

@Steelerfanrjh: San Francisco 35, Pittsburgh 21

@johnrsherrill: Broncos over Packers

‏@steeler1828: Denver 31, Seattle 27

@Gazjor1: Seahawks 24, Patriots 21

@CRawson21: 49ers over Bengals

@amynowicki: Cincinnati over New Orleans

@JoeGiglioSports: Broncos over Falcons

‏@EdMarshall97: Seahawks over Broncos

@bprunsportsmenm: Saints over Texans

@JasonSpears_301: Denver over San Francisco

‏@christejc: Seahawks over Patriots

‏@theCarolinaDude: Broncos 38, 49ers 35

‏@FemaleFBFan12L: Seahawks over Broncos

‏@andypereira1986: Packers over Broncos

@JeffOstach: San Francisco over Denver

@DerekOlson23: Denver over Seattle

@DocandRudy: Saints 34, Texans 31

@dvdnygaard: Giants 20, Ravens 17

‏@SolomonKane: Texans over Falcons

‏@chitown_chicken: Bears 20, Bengals 13

‏@truthaboutmike: New England 48, San Francisco 3

‏@Brett_623: Denver over Seattle

‏@ColtsSharksReds: Broncos over the Seahawks

‏@RobJam28: Green Bay 34, Denver 27

‏@PeachOmania: Redskins over Patriots

‏@CoachBurkett: Seahawks 35, Broncos 31

@danpack6: Packers over Bengals

‏@DrunknSportsmen: Patriots over Falcons

‏@jkrouner: Broncos over Falcons

‏@Steel07: Pittsburgh 24, Seattle 21

‏@ColonyPatsFans: Patriots 24, Seahawks 14

‏@DReynolds5289: Denver 30, Seattle 21

‏@ZacharyLoesl: Houston over Atlanta

‏@Hotstover: Dolphins over Seahawks

‏@RussellOnSports: 49ers defeat Broncos

‏@LaDiiT11: 49ers 40, Broncos 28

‏@briankmckay: Steelers over 49ers

@jamiethelanky: Bengals over Seahawks

@85jason85: Packers over Broncos, 24-17

@Gameday_Chatter: 49ers over Broncos

‏@AntPatton50: Packers over Broncos, 27-21

@greghiggins457: Green Bay over Denver

@DirtyDan003: Seahawks beat the Broncos

@tramz18: Seattle beats Denver

@skinsfan_1981: Redskins over Broncos

‏@JMcMillen86: Saints over Broncos

@TheGuruStu: Seahawks over Texans

@theclairebear23: Texans over Seahawks

@CASHSTYLEFOOL: Texans over Packers, 27-21

@sidkid80: New Orleans Saints over Denver Broncos

@ravensfanjen: Ravens over Packers

‏@sporty5630: Ravens over Packers

‏@TSBiggs95: Patriots beat Seahawks

‏@sportsweeklive: San Francisco over Houston

@DaynaOG: Seahawks over the Broncos

‏@BCWilliams71: San Francisco 31, Cincinnati 23.

‏@powerpack23: Denver over Atlanta

‏@LiLHulk: Broncos over 49ers

@TheBeamsss: Broncos 28, Seahawks 24

@FinsPost: Denver Broncos over Atlanta Falcons

@wild_banshee: Texans over Seahawks. 28-24

@ctmascaro: Texans over the 49ers

@NEP4L: New England 27, Seattle 24

‏@twil82: 49ers over Ravens

@chucku24: Green Bay 31, Houston 27

‏@kolak_jason: Washington over San Diego

‏@Elway4ever: Denver over Green Bay

@rickoharrison: Redskins beat Broncos

@corybutler54: Patriots 28, 49ers 17

@MaxwinsRacing: Green Bay over New England

@anthonypizzarie: Giants over Broncos

@TSBiggs95: Patriots beating Seahawks

@OutofBounds33: Patriots over Seahawks

‏@BostonFatGuy: Patriots over Packers

@JayScott1195: Colts over 49ers

‏@TheElPadre: Baltimore over Atlanta

‏@pignite: Seattle over the Broncos

‏@beth0505: Steelers over Packers

‏@Football_Mensa: Cowboys over the Broncos

@Frozenlambo: Packers over Broncos

‏@jeffbriscoe: New England over New Orleans

@mookwashington: Falcons over Colts

‏@DArm91: Seattle over Houston

‏@a_quality_guy: Falcons over Bengals

‏@robertva: Patriots over Falcons, 34-28

‏@INTENSEGB: Saints over Bengals

@FootballLaPan: Patriots over Falcons

‏@NoONIONSplease: Seahawks 31, Texans 10

‏@KyannaLashae: Packers over Broncos

‏@LionsAvarice81: Patriots beat Seahawks, 38-31

‏@Broncos_Italy_2: Broncos over Falcons, 38-34

‏@bsmithers81: 49ers over the Bengals, 27-17

@NinerFanWG: 49ers beat the Patriots by 10

‏@TylerSniffin: Seattle Seahawks defeat the Cincinnati Bengals

‏@ADudeNamedKim: Saints over Steelers

@billyvolk: Atlanta over Denver

‏@sportsfan175: Steelers 31, Packers 27

@BdgrSprtsServic: New Orleans 34, Houston 28

@eskimo4282: Packers beat Broncos


Kthe Scienceteacher: Texans 28, 49ers 24

Stephanie Smith Hobbs: Colts over Seahawks…It’s all LUCK!

Josh Martin (PPI): Broncos over the Falcons

Miguel Johnson (PPI): New England Patriots over Green Bay Packers

Kim Scharff Snyder (PPI): San Francisco over Patriots

Alea Pettrone (PPI): Miami over San Francisco

Derek Zeller (PPI): San Francisco over Denver

Zach Younker (PPI): Denver over Atlanta

Bill Field: Giants 24, Broncos 17

Josh Eads: Seattle over New England. 31-27

James Chisholm: Green Bay Packers over the Houston Texans, 38-35

Troy Marvin: Washington Redskins over the Houston Texans, 27-17

Christian Solis: 49ers 24, Texans 21

Jeff Dawson: St Louis 24, Cincinnati 20

Nick Ficorelli: Seattle Seahawks over Houston Texans, 24-16

Ryan Lagud: 49ers over Colts

Christopher Casto: Atlanta over Houston

C.j. Marino: New England over Washington

Tom Kernan: Saints over Broncos

Pat Hoover: San Francisco over Denver

Andrew Fish Fain: Bengals over the Falcons

Seb Robert: Green Bay 24, Houston 21

Scott Baxter: 49ers over Bengals, 27-21

Randy Lee Inman: N.Y. Giants beat Houston

Angelo Cane: Seahawks beat Texans

Michael King: Texans 37, Packers 34


Robert Hyldurg: New England 35, Green Bay 31 San Francisco over Denver New England 34, Atlanta 20 Rams 31 over Steelers 19 (Revenge) Denver Broncos 42, Seattle Seahawks 17