A little NFL history from BleacherReport.comOn June 11, 1956, the world was given Joe Montana.More than two decades later, Montana was given to the National Football League.So on the 57th birthday of the Pro Football Hall of Famer, we’re taking a look at 57 of his most enduring moments and ranking them accordingly. In other words, not all 57 moments will be in chronological order, although some will certainly fall into place.We’re talking Montana's NFL career here, so if you’re looking for birthday parties, prom pictures and great moments with the Fighting Irish, you are in the wrong place. Sorry.There’s little doubt that “Joe Cool” ranks as one of the greatest quarterbacks and/or players in the league’s 93-year history. From game-winning drives to amazing comebacks to memorable quarters, Montana proved to be quite an obstacle for opposing defenses.So let’s reminisce a little and head down memory lane. And in case you’re looking for a few surprises or curve balls, we can assure you that there is certainly a “catch” to all of this.http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1668263-the-57-greatest-moments-in-joe-montanas-illustrious-nfl-career