Here is the schedule for voting and the results for the Best Player in Team History via Twitter and Facebook followers of @BaxFootballGuru and Pro Football Guru. One day voting per player starts at 12:01 am ET and ends at 11 pm ET.

Arizona Cardinals: WR Larry Fitzgerald (19)

Atlanta Falcons: CB Deion Sanders (14)

Baltimore Ravens: LB Ray Lewis (48)

Buffalo Bills: DE Bruce Smith (39)

Carolina Panthers: WR Steve Smith (14) 

Chicago Bears: RB Walter Payton (60) 

Cincinnati Bengals: T Anthony Munoz (27)

Cleveland Browns: RB Jim Brown (25)

Dallas Cowboys: RB Emmitt Smith (22)

Denver Broncos: QB John Elway (45)

Detroit Lions: RB Barry Sanders (63)

Green Bay Packers: QB Brett Favre (27)

Houston Texans: WR Andre Johnson (44)

Indianapolis Colts: QB Peyton Manning (54)

Jacksonville Jaguars: RB Fred Taylor (37)

Kansas City Chiefs: LB Derrick Thomas (51)

Miami Dolphins: QB Dan Marino (106)

Minnesota Vikings: QB Fran Tarkenton (38)

New England Patriots: QB Tom Brady (43)

New Orleans Saints: QB Drew Brees (45)

New York Giants: LB Lawrence Taylor (62)

New York Jets: QB Joe Namath (38)

Oakland Raiders: RB Marcus Allen (45) (OT)

Philadelphia Eagles: DE Reggie White (49)

Pittsburgh Steelers: DT "Mean" Joe Greene (52)

St. Louis Rams: DE Deacon Jones (31)

San Diego Chargers: RB LaDainian Tomlinson (48)

San Francisco 49ers: WR Jerry Rice (82)

Seattle Seahawks: WR Steve Largent (49)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: LB Derrick Brooks (59)

Tennessee Titans (Houston Oilers): RB Earl Campbell (60)

Washington Redskins: CB Darrell Green (39)