This MacDonald Had a Plan (NF...NFL)

By Lori Sica

Special to Pro Football Guru

With the latest NFL season upon us in less than a month, Sean MacDonald’s Ultimate Football Road Trip (2014 Edition) does more than create excitement for the love of the game. It brings you stadium-side in every NFL stadium across the nation and maps out the journey to get you through all 32 venues (yes, we are counting MetLife Stadium twice) in the most efficient of ways.

Coming off of his own 2013 expedition, he shares the important planning tips to make it not only doable but unforgettable.

MacDonald covers every detail down to alternate routes, parking and the best stadium entrance. He includes the best each city has to offer from hotels and restaurants to land marks and one-of-a-kind sites worth the see. Each chapter covers the “need to knows”, broken down and categorized to get the reader/road-tripper ready to go. For instance, “Game Time” along with “Bed Time” and “Drive Time” cover the essentials of the trip. Meanwhile, “Beer Time” and “Tourist Time” nicely round out what to do off the field.

MacDonald covers a great deal of history of the team and local life along with great photos and personal favorites on menus maps and lists of all kinds in every NFL town. He makes the debacle of MetLife Stadium a dream hitting all the possible roadblocks, down to parking issues and shuttle services. He will bring a tear to the eye of every Vince Lombardi fan sharing the experience of seeing Lambeau Field off in the distance, and the massive Packer mania that overtakes the tiny town of Green Bay, Wisconsin. By far he will make this journey the most epic and at the same time economical and totally enjoyable.

Even when he describes traffic issues or hidden fees or taxes, MacDonald’s true love for the game and every aspect of it surges right out of the words. It is such an enjoyable read After the 32 stadium run there are bonus chapters including playoffs, Super Bowl, and important details from purchasing tickets to safety issues. Your appetite for football will be voracious and your bags will be packed by Chapter 3.

Jump on this unforgettable tour whether you are on the road or at the tailgate…

The journey starts here.

NFL writer Lori Sica can be found on Twitter at @lorisica.