By: Ben Lipson

Special to ProFootballGuru.com

Every week, SportsTradex.com hosts a free prediction game for a handful of key NFL matchups and previews Week 1 using numbers based on the opinions of a large fan audience.

This week’s featured games are:

Bengals at Bears

Packers at 49ers

Eagles at Redskins

Giants at Cowboys

Falcons at Saints

Most Surprising: The Bears open at home with just a 45% chance to beat the Bengals.  It is rare to see a home playoff contender in the underdog role to start the season. Earlier in the week, this game was considered a 50-50 toss up but the Bengals, riding momentum from Hard Knocks, are climbing as one of the sexy Super Bowl picks this year.  The Bears will need to protect Jay Cutler better than they have the past few years if they are finally ready to contend.  The Week 1 matchup will test that early and often as the Bengals bring a stout pass rush to Chicago.

Most Intriguing: This is probably the toughest category to call.  Therefore, I will bail myself out by choosing both the Packers-49ers and the Eagles-Redskins.  The 49ers currently hold a big edge (65%) in their rematch of the NFC divisional game with Green Bay.  The Packers need to prove that they can defend the read option offense and our prediction data doesn’t believe it yet.

As for the Eagles-Redskins, the Redskins are the biggest favorite of any of the 5 key games during Week 1, considered to hold a 75% chance of beating the Eagles at FedEx Field. The “RG-Knee” concern has subsided and it seems like there is plenty of confidence in RGIII’s health to think Washington will be singing, “Hail to the Redskins.”

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