By: Ben Lipson

Special to ProFootballGuru.com

By: SportsTradex.Com

Every week, SportsTradex hosts a free prediction game for a handful of key NFL matchups and previews the football weekend using numbers based on the opinions of a large fan audience.

Week 2 Key Matchups:

Steelers at Bengals

Redskins at Packers

Cowboys at Chiefs

Broncos at Giants

49ers at Seahawks

Most Surprising: The Packers are the biggest favorite of any team in the Week 2 projects at SportsTradex with an overwhelming 75% chance of winning their home opener against the ‘Skins. This is as important to both teams as a Week 2 game can be to both teams as each faces a potential 0-2 start. It is probably more important to the Packers because they hold the home field advantage. The ‘Skins’ stock fell harder than any team from Week 1 to Week 2.  Washington goes from the biggest favorite of week 1 to upset victim to the biggest underdog of this week. It has been a rough five days in the nation’s capital.

Most Intriguing: Unlike last week, this is a simple one. The NFC West battle between the “She-hawks,” as 49ers RB Anthony Dixon called them, and the 49ers is the most anticipated game of the week. I wrote last week about the difficulties of winning on the road and this game is a great example. Seattle ranks among the toughest places to play and the 12th man will likely reach sonic levels. This game is a absolute toss up, hovering very close to a 50-50 toss-up. Expect that to continue until kickoff as fans are dividing about who is king of the west.

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