Week 2 NFL Review: By The Numbers

By: Ben Lipson

Special to ProFootballGuru.com

As a follow up to the weekly NFL preview, SportsTradex.Com reviews the action from featured NFL games of Week 2 in the SportsTradex prediction game.   The prediction game is live and offers a unique perspective for breaking down this week of football.

This week’s featured games were:

Steelers at Bengals

Redskins at Packers

Cowboys at Chiefs

Broncos at Giants

49ers at Seahawks

What We Knew, Again:  Winning on the road is tough in the NFL, especially if it requires a trip to Seattle.  Home teams in SportsTradex key games are 8-2 on the season.  Sports Tradex follows home records closely throughout the season because they plays a crucial role in the game predictions.  The Seahawks (65-30 all-time at CenturyLink Field) entered the Sunday Night game as 60% favorites, a larger advantage than any other source.  By halftime, the Seahawks stock rose to 72% despite only holding a narrow 5-0 baseball style lead.  The ‘Hawks completely shut down the 49ers’ offense and our prediction market did not find any reason to expect a 2nd half change.

What We Learned: The Chiefs are for real.  Last year, the Chiefs were never higher than 50% based on SportsTradex analysis.  This year, the Chiefs were exactly 50-50 with the Cowboys at the time of Sunday’s kickoff.  The Chiefs will most likely be a favorite on the road in Philly according to SportsTradex.  This team bears an eerie resemblance to the 49ers at the beginning of the Harbaugh era.  A new coach, a different attitude and an efficient quarterback might be enough for a playoff run.  Andy Reid returns to Philly and it should be fun to watch.

A Little Hubris:  The 3 most confident predictions in Week 2 (Green Bay, Cincinnati and Denver) all came to fruition.  Expect the 49ers and Broncos to hold the best odds of winning in Week 3 with exact numbers coming soon.

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