By: Ben Lipson

Special to ProFootballGuru.com

Following each week of the NFL season, SportsTradex.Com reviews the action from featured NFL games of Week 3 in the SportsTradex prediction game.   The prediction game is live and offers a unique perspective for breaking down this week of football.

This week’s featured games were:






Upsets Found Early:  The biggest upsets occur early in the season while most fans and pundits have yet to fully form their opinions about each team.  In Week 1, the Redskins lost despite trading at 75% to beat the Eagles.  The Colts served the 49ers another massive upset based on SportsTradex pregame probabilities.  The predictive information made the 49ers almost 80% favorites in a game San Francisco needed to bounce back after a demoralizing defeat in Seattle.  As the season progresses, SportsTradex will prove more accurate due to better information about this year’s NFL teams.  The 49ers and Redskins simply have not looked like the same playoff teams from a year ago.  The NFL is known for parity as evidenced by the fact that approximately half of the playoff teams in a given year do not make the playoffs the next year.  In future weekly prediction games, the stock of these will surely drop.  Both Washington and San Francisco will need to earn lofty expectations back.

Scoring Our Predictions:  In Week 2, Sports Tradex accurately predicted 4 out of 5 featured matchups.  This week’s performance more closely represented the Mike Greenberg school of prognostication.  The pregame predictions were 2-3 while home teams continue to dominate the most anticipated games each week.  Home field advantage is stronger in the NFL than any other sport.  For the season, home teams are 12-3 in featured SportsTradex matchups.

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