By: Ben Lipson

Special to ProFootballGuru.com

Every week, SportsTradex hosts a free prediction game for a handful of key NFL matchups and previews the football weekend using numbers based on the opinions of a large fan audience.

Week 4 Key Matchups with probability to win:

Patriots (52%) vs. Falcons (48%)

Bears (60%) vs. Lions (40%)

Seahawks (62.5%) vs. Texans (37.5%)

Dolphins (44%) vs. Saints (56%)

Cowboys (56%) vs. Chargers (44%)

Trouble At Home: With a lot of elite teams traveling in week 4, only one of the SportsTradex home teams is favored to win.  The Saints are 56% to beat the Dolphins.  The Dolphins are one of the surprise teams of the season and their road test should determine how equipped they are for a playoff run.  Entering this week’s slate of games, home teams in the prediction game are an impressive 12-3.  But this week, our predictions favor recent play above all.  The Texans and Falcons struggles contribute their decreasing value this year.  Both teams are underdogs at home while last year they were not predicted to lose a home game all season.

Cowboy Up: Every year, we see the Jekyll and Hyde act from the Cowboys.  Dallas beat the Giants but the Giants are becoming the league’s punching bag.  The SportsTradex market game gives the Cowboys a 56% chance of beating the Chargers in San Diego.  The public still believes in the Cowboys.  If they drop a 2nd road game to an AFC West opponent, expect the Cowboys stock to fall in predictions for future weeks.

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