By: Ben Lipson

Special to ProFootballGuru.com

The Dallas/Detroit thriller overshadowed the rest of the NFL action in week 8.  Let’s look back at what we learned from the live prediction game at SportsTradex.

Week 8 Key Matchups with probability to win at kickoff:

Jets (40%) – Bengals (60%)                             Winner: Bengals

Redskins (21%) – Broncos (79%)                     Winner: Broncos

Cowboys (46%) – Lions (54%)                         Winner: Lions

Eagles (60%) – Giants (40%)                           Winner: Giants

This Just In, Calvin Johnson Is Pretty Good: The theme of our Week 8 review is “thanks for stating the obvious.”  Dez Bryant’s sideline outburst overshadowed a great comeback for the Lions and possibly an even better individual performance by the best receiver on the planet.  The Lions got the ball with just over a minute left in the game and no timeouts.  Most statistical sources put 1% odds on the Lions winning the game from that point.  SportsTradex gave Detroit slightly better chances (3%).  There are a few teams – Green Bay, New England, Seattle--that tend to get preferential treatment in such situations.  The combination of Stafford and Johnson earned the right to join that class.

It’s The Quarterback Stupid: With all the talk of the NFL as a passing league, the Eagles-Giants game provided a forceful demonstration of the relationship between QB and winning.  Vick exited the game with a hamstring injury and the Eagles immediately dropped from 40% to 15% in the real time prediction game at Sports Tradex.  Despite the close score, fans doubted Matt Barkley’s ability to lead the Eagles offense.  Barkley validated that position with a costly lost fumble in the red zone.

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